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Give me a call at 530-383-2120 if you would like a thoroughbred. The majority of our horses come from feedlots and race tracks. There is a simple screening process (no applications) and we have a team of horse haulers ready to help.

Recent race track arrivals have serious injuries. We are so appreciative of new owners who love to do rehab. They are the true hero's.

Victoria lives in the town of Winters, and so far in 2014 Victoria has helped 3 former race horses. Including the tall gelding Boomer, who Tbfriends just placed into a new home. Boomer had severe tendon problems and Victoria performed the rehab. Boomer is now at a show barn in Davis.

A thoroughbred gelding was abandoned less than 2 miles from our ranch. Animal Control and a young man named Collin helped capture the terrified horse. He was skinny and depressed. Now named Collin, the gelding has become the property of Tbfriends. It's been 3 weeks and Collin has settled in and gained close to 100 pounds. You can see Collin on my Twitter page. Pictures below are not working, sorry.

Have a good week. It is raining right now, which is much needed.


    Located in Northern California, TB Friends is dedicated to the rescue and placement of horses that have been abandoned or neglected. Usually these horses arrive from the race track. The horses obtained by TB Friends are often saved from a trip to rendering facilities in Mexico or Canada.

    When possible TB Friends takes care to select horses well suited to make the transformation to riding mount or show horse. Our proximity to the bay area race tracks, along with the throwaway nature of the racing industry, unfortunately results in a situation where there are many horses in need of rescue, and therefore many horses from which to choose.

    At TB Friends we manage to rescue about two hundred horses every year. When we place a horse there is no charge for the care that we provide them here at Shelton Farms. We only ask for the cost of a horse's rescue and transportation to the farm. For most horses this amounts to less than $1000 dollars.

    Sadly, we can not save them all. We are limited by the number of horses that we can care for at any one time. However, as we find homes for the horses we have rescued, we replace them by rescuing others. For this reason we ask you to consider purchasing a horse from our farm. Not only are you likely to obtain a beautiful animal, but you will also help us to save more horses.

My cell number is 530-383-2120.

Our mailing address is:
Joe & Cathy Shelton
15891 County Road 92C
Woodland, Ca. 95695

You can send your letters to

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