Located in northern California, TB Friends is cared for by Joe And Cathy Shelton. Joe would like to take this opportunity to thank you and some of the other special people that lend their support and goodwill to TB Friends....

    I have been getting lots of wonderful e-mails from many of you and your support is very encouraging. I need you to know a few things though. I could never operate a ranch with close to 300 animals by myself. (well I could, but that would be bragging) So it is time you met the supporting cast.

    Lisa is our vet. She has been with us for eight years and she lives in Davis, which is about thirty minutes away. There have been many times when she has made it here in ten minutes. Lisa always gives the rescued horses a discount. It would be almost impossible to keep this ranch afloat without her generosity. We have had every type of injury possible. We sometimes rescue horses that are in horrible condition and Lisa helps with their recovery. When a horse must be euthanized Lisa always allows the horse to die with dignity. And love.

    Dave The Vanner Guy has worked for me for close to twelve years. He goes to the racetrack and brings the horses here. I can call Dave The Vanner Guy at three in the morning and tell him a horse is in trouble and he comes. Dave The Vanner Guy lives in Vacaville. I once called him at 11:00 p.m. on New Years Eve because I had a horse who needed to be rushed to the vet hospital. Dave The Vanner Guy was at a party but he jumped in his truck and the horse was saved.

    Steve is my shoer and he lives in Lodi, which is very far away. I have never been to Lodi in my life. Steve has been the shoer here for eight years and he has been kicked by my horses a thousand times. Race horses are sometimes the worst about having their feet done. Many rescued horses from the holding pens have not had their feet done in years and Steve always makes them better. Steve used to play professional baseball. I hear about those glory days all the time.